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AIIET adopts multimedia educational system consisting of printed Course material for self study and very encouraging facility for practical and personal contact programmes and to evaluate lessons by faculty experts.


The Syllabus of AIIET is fully based on par with the Universities recognized by UGC and Govt. of India Examinations. Examination material are specially prepared by the team of Experts from different universities, Institutions. All the self instructing Material is converted into Print Form & in CDs.

Programme Evaluation

The System of evaluation for Distance Education Students as per Rules of Distance Education Council New Delhi. The AIIET has a 3-Tier System of evaluation

Self assessment exercise within each unit of study Material in SIMs
Continuous Evaluation, mainly through Assignments Tutor Marked or Computer marked (CMAs)for Theory & Practical both of each Course and Seminar / Project / Field visit / Work Shop training.
The Term and Examination for Theory, Practical & Viva Voce will be as per rules of Institution.
Marks Distribution and Minimum Passing Marks

For a Student to be declared passed, must secure minimum 40% marks in both continuous evaluation in the form of Assignment and Term End Examination separately and a total of 50% in each Course (Paper).

Theory Examination (Year End Examination)

Each Theory Examination of each Course (Paper) carries 75 marks and minimum passing marks being 30. Every student has to clear each course by securing at least 30 marks.

Practical Examination (Year End Examination)

Each Practical Examination of each Semester carries 75 marks and minimum passing 30 marks. Every student has to clear each Year Practical by scoring at least 30 marks. The distribution of Marks for Practical Examination are as follows:

Written based   - 25
Practical based - 25
Viva based       - 25
Total Marks     - 75

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